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Since 1997, ControlTemp, Inc. has been a leading manufacturer’s representative of quality heating and cooling products in Nebraska, Iowa and South Dakota. We are dedicated to providing our customers the highest level of product knowledge, application experience, marketing tools, design assistance, and technical support. ControlTemp offers a broad product line of Boilers, Chillers, Commercial Water Heaters, and other HVAC equipment. Our expertise covers a wide variety of applications, including conventional and condensing hot water systems, steam systems, chilled water systems, and energy recovery systems. We are proud to represent manufacturers who strive to be world-class innovators in the development of new products of the highest quality. The flexibility of our product lines and mechanical room experience will provide solutions for all our customer’s applications. ControlTemp, along with our manufacturers, is committed to enjoying a long-term relationship with our customers, while providing them with the best products available in our industry.

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